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Wantagh, New York

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    This Saturday September 30, 2017,is the Journeyman Wrestling Tournament being at in Albany New York. This is the outer bracket tournament. The winners who did not qualify for Sundays A bracket get bids into the event for Sunday. This is a very difficult tournament with ranked wrestlers from all over the country putting it on the line. It is about testing yourself and getting the competition. The Wantagh wrestlers entered so far are: Josiah and Christian Encarnacion, Justin Vines and Jonathan Loew. On the waiting list is Charles Maier.

    Results are in:

    Josiah Encarnacion 2nd place
    Justin Vines, 3rd or 5th place 1 loss not sure
    Jonathan Loew, 1st place, 195 lbs
    Aiden Araoz, 6th place, overflow bracket
    Christian Encarnacion, 2-2 overflow bracket